Adopted across a wide range of industries.


Consolidate patient flow, equipment usage, and building maintenance information. Utilize critical resources to enhance patient care and safety. Reduce downtime and ensure continuous operation of essential services.

Higher Education

A comprehensive view of campus operations. Collate data from diverse sources such as classroom occupancy, energy consumption, maintenance schedules, and security systems. Ensure lecture halls, libraries, and dormitories are used efficiently and sustainably. Address infrastructure issues before they disrupt academic activities.

Commercial Real Estate

Transform facility management, offering a unified view of operational metrics across properties. Integrate diverse data sources, such as energy consumption, space utilization, tenant occupancy patterns, and building maintenance records. Optimize building operations, boost energy efficiency, and improve tenant satisfaction. Maximize market competitiveness and appeal to prospective tenants.

K-12 Education

Aggregate and analyze data from classroom occupancy, energy usage, maintenance records, and safety systems. Ensure classrooms and facilities are optimally utilized and maintained. Insights into operational needs enable administrators to make informed decisions about maintenance schedules, resource allocation, and long-term planning for infrastructure improvements.


Enhance facility management by offering a consolidated view of data from various store locations, including customer foot traffic, energy consumption, and asset performance. Streamline energy management, leveraging usage patterns for cost-saving measures and improved sustainability. Facilitate predictive maintenance to reduce downtime and ensure smooth shopping experiences for customers.

Data Centers

Collect and analyze data from across your facility, including server performance, cooling systems, power consumption, and security protocols. Enable managers to optimize the operational efficiency of their facilities. Predictive analytics derived from this data can prevent equipment failures, ensure high availability, optimize cooling strategies, and minimize downtime.

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