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Niagara 4, Templates, Discovery Search, and More


What's new in the land of Novant 😎

Niagara 4 Integration

Our latest integration brings the power and simplicity of Novant to the Niagara N4 platform — the Novant Driver is 100% Open Source and free to use! 🎉. Get more flexibility by offloading data collection and trending to Novant gateways. Leverage what you need, when you need it, by ingesting data into your WebSupervisor.


Source templates have finally landed! Templates allow you to create I/O applications in Excel and upload directly into your device. This is a great feature when you have point lists already captured. You can also download the template from discovery results, pare down to just the points you want and upload to create your app! 🚀

Discovery Search

Continuing our never ending quest to simplify point onboarding, we've added search support to discovery results. Slice through big lists with real time filtering to find just the points you're looking for. 💪

API: New Ping, Kind, and Point Filters

We've added a new API endpoint ping which can be used as a lightweight health check and validation of device access.

The points API has also been updated to include kind meta-data for points: "num" for numeric points and "bool" for boolean points. Supported integrations have also been updated to correctly identify point types during discovery.

The points and trends API now support a point_ids filter to whitelist which points are returned during requests. Integrations now optimize traffic by only requesting necessary points.

New API Key Settings Page

The API Key Settings page now obscures keys by default to help protect from wandering eyes. 😉 The full key is available in the new popup menu. We also now show the encoded HTTP Basic header value, which is super handy from platforms missing this support, or just to make your life easier sometimes!

Bacnet Improvements

Novant devices will now learn the description field for both Bacnet devices and points, helping you identify what you're working with.

Knowledge Base Improvements

We're overhauling our Support pages, for better organization and discovery. Keep on the lookout for new features, new help topics, navigation aids, and more context sensitive help to keep you focused on your work and not hunting around documentation.

Open Sourcing SkySpark novantExt

Last but not least, we've open sourced the SkySpark novantExt! This was our first integration and have long wanted to release the code. Hopefully this helps both the Novant community develop integrations, but also those in the SkySpark community looking to develop connectors.

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