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Streaming Discovery, Haystack, and More


Streaming Discovery

Hundreds of devices? Hundreds of thousands of points? No problem. 💪

Our redesigned discovery framework streams results to the cloud as they're found. Learn what's in your building, no matter how big, using any of our gateways.


Say hello 👋 to Haystack Support!

Novant gateways can now ingest data from any Haystack compatible system, including Niagara-based devices. No need to trend history on your JACE — simply drop in nhaystack and let Novant handle the dirty work.

Static IP

For those pesky networks where DHCP is not available, we now support configuring a static IP assignment for your device.

Trend API Interval

From day one Novant devices have always trended at 1min intervals to get you high resolution data. However, you don't always want to work with that much data. So you can now specify the interval for /trends API requests at 1min, 5min, or 15min.

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